Real Estate Services & Strata Management Services
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Strata Management

Understanding Strata Title in Western Australia

Understanding where to begin in strata can be a daunting challenge. The process could begin at organising the strata title sub-division, implementing the inaugural and first annual general meeting to establish a brand new strata, drafting and registering a special by-law, self-managing small strata book-keeping compliance or changing your current strata manager the DSM is able to offer professional strata management advice and assistance. In Western Australia the primary statutory reference sources in governance of strata titled property is the Strata Titles Act 1985 and Strata Titles General Regulations 1996. Other reference sources or publications are secondary material which can be used for guidance to simplify interpretations of the Acts and Regulations.

Strata tile management is not confined to just ‘home units’. The concept of strata title is the collective ownership of shared or common property separating it from privately owned property within a parcel of land. Whether you are a Property Developer, Self-managed small strata or large residential, commercial, industrial strata, community title or mixed use strata scheme we offer a complete or partially professional managed strata system that suits the customer.

If you need assistance with your professional strata management please contact Dian at DSM Property Management Services. I have worked in the eastern states and locally for the last 15 years and can offer your strata complex with a range of variable services to suit your budget. We use standard REIWA agreements and contracts endorsed by the WA Department of Commerce which provide full transparency and disclosure. We do not charge, overcharge or carry out extra services or work unless you instruct us to do so. You only pay for services that your strata complex requires. The current DSM strata portfolio is managed by myself and another locally very experienced and competent strata manager. In turn, we are supported by the both the DSM Administration and Maintenance Team.

Our electronic strata community portal also helps many of our strata owners happy keeping track of strata finances and activity at the strata which you can access 24/7 locally, interstate or overseas like electronic banking. This is a cost saving initiative that benefits our strata owners and business overheads which we pass directly to our clients. You don’t have to pay for unnecessary administrative costs and paperwork. You also have unlimited and open access to engage and communicate with the other lot owners within your strata complex too. Even if you do not own a computer or are not familiar with electronic media you do not miss out on services. We live locally we will try to personally hand deliver important correspondence whilst inspecting the strata complex at the same time. If this is not practical documents will be sent by post.

Our management services are tailored to suit each strata scheme and property owner's needs. We offer three (3) management agreement options and our fees and charges are based on the services that you require.
Option 1Full management services
Option 2Partly management services
Option 3A low minimum management fee for services to only undertake financial compliance, insurance compliance duties or both
For those self-managed strata schemes or self-managed rental property owners Option 3 of DSM Management Services will be perfect for you so you will be free from all the hassles of book-keeping, paperwork and statutory compliance regulation to free up your time doing other things that are more enjoyable.

General Strata Management Services


  • Establish and maintain a single trust account for exclusive use by your strata scheme
  • Issue quarterly levy notices
  • Follow-up of levies in arrears
  • Payment of strata invoices
  • Monthly electronic statement of income and expenditure and a levy status report via the 24/7 Community Portal
  • Preparation of Administrative and Reserve Fund Budgets


  • Preparation and distribution of agendas for general meetings to all owners
  • Attendance at meetings either in the office or on-site
  • Chair and record minutes
  • Preparation and distribution of minutes


  • Up-to-date maintenance of strata roll (Section 43 Certificates) and minute books
  • Maintenance of correspondence file and common seal
  • Issuing of electronic or posting levy notices
  • Payment of creditors
  • Photocopying, collating, stapling and enveloping
  • Telephone calls/facsimile