Real Estate Services & Strata Management Services
DSM’s business hours are Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. For emergencies only such as a burst water main or electrical fault please leave a telephone message with our 24/7 call center Operator at (08) 9904 7235 speaking slowly stating your name, contact telephone number and nature of the emergency.
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Project Management

Understanding the Property Industry

Traditional real estate companies only offer a standard range of services but the DSM Team intends to restructure that model by aligning the operation of the business thorough an informed experienced understanding of the project life-cycle concept and construction as a holistic process. An extract from a report commissioned by the Australian Property Council shows the significant influence of the property industry on the economy1,

“The property sector has a larger footprint on the Australian economy than any other industry:
  • It directly contributed $182.5 billion to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2013-14 (11.5%), and is estimated to have contributed a further $279.7 billion to Australian GDP through flow-on demand for goods and services;
  • It also directly employed 1.17 million full time equivalent (FTE) employees in 2013- 14 (11.8% of Australian total), and supported some 1.54 million FTE jobs through flow-on activity;
  • Approximately 28.6% of wages and salaries paid to Australian workers is generated by the property sector;
The majority of the property sector is generated by residential activity; It contributed approximately $72.1 billion in combined Australian and State Government tax revenues and local government rates, fees and charges revenue in 2013-14. This equates to 16.0% of total Australian and State/ Territory taxes and local government rates, fees and charges revenues in 2013-14; and Residential Property Ownership is not the only way every day Australians participate in the property sector; 14.1 million Australians have a financial stake in the property industry through their super funds”. 1 Property Council of Australia, (PCA), Full Report Economic Significance of the Property Industry to the Australian Economy 2013 -14 and Summary of Economic Significance of the Property Industry to the Australian Economy 2015,AEC Group Pty Ltd (AEC) published version 06 October 2015. AEC is an independent research company specialising in innovative and evidence based analysis of industry data used to assist planners with strategic decision making.

The Australian property industry is not just about real estate and buying or selling a home. It is an industry that interconnects and relies both directly and indirectly to all the major income generating primary and secondary sectors of the national economy. Property Ownership includes pubic assists or infrastructure such as roadways, dams, bridges, marine ports. utilities supply, schools and hospitals. Property Ownership can also be privately owned such as a small family business, a vacant block of land, a home unit, a house, a commercial workshop or an industrial warehouse. Some privately owned property can also be owned collectively.

Applied Knowledge and Experience

The newly formed DSM Team has 50+ years of collective applied experience and qualifications in the following industries of Property, Construction and Marine Engineering. DSM is also a member of the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA). The DSM Management Team has applied experience and academic qualifications in the following vocations:
  • Diploma of Property Services (Real Estate Agency Management) [2015]
  • Associate Diploma of Architecture [1993]
  • Diploma of Building and Construction/Builders Registration [2012]
  • Diploma of Occupational Health and Safety [2013]
  • Certificate IV in of Property Services (Strata Management) [2010]
  • Certificate in Architectural Drafting [1985]
  • Certificate IV in Building and Construction [2015]
  • Certificate IV in Higher Engineering (Marine) [2005]
  • Certificate III in Marine Engineering Trade [2002]

In addition, the DSM Administrative Support Team are all Bachelor degree qualified and diversely experienced in Mathematics, International Studies and Social Science.

Building Design and Construction Project Management Services

As an experienced Building Designer and Construction Project Manager the DSM Team can assist you with your building design and construction project. This process is known as the ‘Project life-cycle Concept’. This means transforming your conceptual ‘mud map’ sketches and ideas in to fully workable Development Application through to detailed technical architectural construction drawings and contract (instrument of agreement) documents. By working in conjunction with the customer, the can formulate preliminary feasibility studies, budget estimates and detailed bill of quantities can be generated. The more complex the project, the more resources such as specialist consultants will be required to implement and execute the project from concept, construction, handover, operation and reactive/preventative maintenance. As we work and live in a regional centre we also understand that some customers who live well away from a developed service area may not have access to these kind of specialised services. Again, the DSM Team might be able to assist you as a remote location customer.

All our work is ‘bespoke’ or customised one-off design. We do not engage in mass production or get involved in the 'project home’ construction mentality as there are already too many examples of poor building design and environmentally unsympathetic building developments within the community. Each development looks the ‘same’. You need to give your property an identity to showcase the difference between your development in the market place if you want to sell it or rent it. Any party with a financial interest in your property will demand value for money. Simply, developing your property solely based on extracting the maximum profit from the asset built on square meter rates is a quick way of turning a profit but results in underdevelop the property to its fully sustainable, environmental potential and the degree of profitability. We do not use or recycle old plans but create original new inspiring concepts from scratch. A building structure could stand for 50+ or more years and change ownership a number of times. Ultimately, if an asset like a building is well designed and constructed from day one, you posses something that will appreciate and hold its value indefinitely. This is value adding for the present and something tangible for the next generation of Property Owner.

Our services building design and construction project management services broadly covers the custom residential market. We produce custom designed homes, grouped/multiple dwellings (home units, villas, townhouses, house behind/duplex,) additions and renovations. We can also cater for building design in commercial, industrial and shop design/fit-out commissions. Through our network of contacts to other construction consultants we should be able to cater for your most of your project needs. Interpreting local planning R-Codes, compliance with various statutory Local or State Environmental Policies and dealing with local authorities can be demanding if you do not have the experience or applied technical background to manage and work with sometimes very difficult bureaucratic processes. The DSM Team could make that merit based Development Application a reality if expectations are objective and reasonable.

The Future

It is common knowledge that the majority of the Australian population live along the coastline in major cities and regional centres. This means that as the population density increases we have to become more aware and sensitive of the environmental impact to the next generation. Hence, collective ownership and strata titling of various form of property is inevitable. Dealing with Strata Community Associations, Building Managers and Building Committees will become more common place into the future. The current generation of planners and designers are supposed to have an obligation to try to preserve a high standard of living for the population but the law, morals, ethics and justice are subject to the constant change of societies values. Hopefully, the DSM Team can contribute constructively towards building a better and more sustainable built environment.

Presently, the DSM Team is working diligently to become a registered Builder to extend our professional services to encompass delivery of the full design and construction package. Coupled to this service, the DSM can then offer the customer a total turn key service based on the ‘Project-life-cycle’ philosophy. The next few years should also see our small family company expanding to Perth and re-establishing our new brand interstate. We also anticipate more specialist property services being offered into future by developing a very keen interest in property law.