Real Estate Services & Strata Management Services
DSM’s business hours are Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. For emergencies only such as a burst water main or electrical fault please leave a telephone message with our 24/7 call center Operator at (08) 9904 7235 speaking slowly stating your name, contact telephone number and nature of the emergency.
Geraldton: (08) 9904 7235 Perth: (08) 6311 2864 Mobile: 0427 146 165

Company Profile

A general overview of the business

DSM Property Management Services and DSM STRATA began independent trading and operations as a sole trader in October 2015 with 13 years of specialised professional property experience in applied strata management both locally and interstate. DSM is a fully registered real estate management practitioner in Western Australia and a registered strata management practitioner in New South Wales.

Presently, our core business activities in Western Australia are focused on Strata management, Construction Project Management, Building Design Services and Property Management. Sales and Marketing is a turbulent facet of the property industry affected by the economy and continues to develop with modest growth in this new developing arm of the business.

However, as our agency to grow some clients are beginning to inquire more about specialised services that not traditionally offered by a real estate agency. DSM can possibly assist you with a customised (or ‘bespoke’), long-term sustainable design or investment development. Our firm does not mass produce the same design concept repeatedly. Value adding to your project in the design and planning phase is part of the total life-cycle process from concept to completion.

DSM Property Management Services focuses on offering its customers a refreshing and honest approach to the real estate and the property industry. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a high level of service, technical expertise and applied knowledge that is envied by others in the industry. By investing the time to listen to our clients, we strive to develop the most effective and objective strategy reasonable to maximize the returns on your property investment.

It is common knowledge that the property industry is driven by the local and national economy; and supply and demand for within the market. We do not make promises to our clients to deliver unrealistic expectations or unreasonable services. The DSM Team tries to maintain reasonable open communications as much as practical with prioritized timely responses to emails and telephone calls. If you call our office, please leave your name, contact details and a short message. If you just hang up not leaving any details of your enquiry, you cannot expect a response.

Points of differences with DSM


Our cornerstone philosophy is “SERVICE & TEAMWORK BEFORE PROFIT”. This is a fundamental driver that inspires and highly motivates each member of the DSM Team.


Our business model is based on a family business model of strong honest values and customer service. Our operations are not bound or restricted by mass rigid generic corporate franchise systems or groups controlling our decision making. Your ‘personal name’ is your brand which distinguishes you from the rest of the big nameless corporate crowd.

Low Business Overheads

We do not pay franchise fees, lease large commercial office space, operate large fleets of vehicles and under employ team members or over staff. Our small team is multi-skilled and have a diverse range of skills. Reduced overheads mean much lower professional management fees and unnecessary charges for the client. These savings are passed directly to the customer, invested back into the business and developing the Team Members with programs of continuing education and better remuneration.

An average medium sized family suburban home serves as private residence and workplace; a virtual and office facility exists in Perth for clients living there. Just like any sole trader such as an Accountant, Legal Practitioner or Builder simplifying your business operations mean no compromise on the quality or level of service provided to the customer.

Remuneration of trade Subcontractors and Suppliers

Our service providers receive payment in 7 or 14-day cycles instead of the industry standard 30-day account. The, “You get paid when we get paid treatment” is an unfair system which we do not support. You don’t get your car serviced and pay then expect the service provider to get paid weeks or months later. .As a result, our Subcontractors and Suppliers consistently provide prompt, reliable services.

Remuneration of Team Members

Team members are rewarded by incentives and excellent remuneration packages. Combining this reward system with flexible employment conditions encourages the DSM Team to consistently exceed their productivity limits which directly reflects on achieving customer satisfaction. Team members consistently exceed our business expectations because flexible working conditions and remuneration play a big role in ‘team member happiness and welfare’. All team members work remotely from home to achieve an almost ideal home life and professional work balance.

Software and Technology

The use of very user-friendly professional web-based Accounting, Strata Management and Property Management Software allows DSM Team Members and Customers 24/7 worldwide access to their property financial details or a community communications portal for your rental property and/or strata property. Using the correct type of management software and technology enables customers to more efficiently manage their property investments with much more freedom and transparency.

We also use the ‘paperless’ office practices as a policy. This policy embraces everyday available electronic technology that reduces administrative wastage, double handling of paper documents, long-term storage of data, and time lost on retrieval of archival records to name a few. We are not reinventing the wheel, we are just simplifying existing long-established business practices like producing levy notices which are easy to read or using email for the mass distribution of correspondence or notices instead of traditional mail. If you are not familiar or comfortable with the use of electronic media please advise us how you preferred to receive your property documents.

Planning Ahead

Realistically, we anticipate another tough and challenging year ahead so we will keep working harder to maintain or raise our levels of customer service. In less than two years our business has grown from the original 2 founding members in 2015 to 6 team members in 2018. As the Owner of the business, I personally work in all areas of the business. As well as managing my own strata and property portfolio, the management team is supported by another  Agency Manager and senior Strata Manager. We are also supported by our 3 Administration Team Members plus a professional Construction Project Manager/Building Designer. The DSM Property Management Services and DSM STRATA Team thrives on teamwork in-house and we are crossed trained in different sections of the business so members have the capability to multi-task. This diversity of experience and technical knowledge just enhances what we can offer to satisfy our customer’s needs. You just treat others how you would like to be treated - with mutual trust, respect and courtesy.

As I own and operate a fully licenced independent real estate agency I am very flexible and approachable in the way I do business. In 2017 and forward we also hope to promote our building design and construction project management services and have other specialised property services in the pipeline but in the meantime, our focus and energies are focused on service to the Geraldton community. In 2019, we anticipate the opening of a new branch office to expand our real estate services to the Perth community.

* The current Western Australian Government recently rationalised the organisational structure of the Department of Commerce under the new governing body of the ‘Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety’.